Fueling For Your Sport, Nutrition Event

You’re Invited!


Team VeloDash would love to invite you to Fueling For Your Sport! This nutrition talk and Q & A session will be January 21, 2017, at Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles. Joanna Chodorowska of Nutrition in Motion will be talking with us about how to fuel optimally for performance.

About Joanna


Joanna is a holistic sports nutrition coach, intuitive healer, problem solver and a formerĀ competitive athlete. You can read all about her here on her website!

Who Is This For?confused about food.jpg

This event is for anyone that wants to eat better for optimal fueling. Maybe you’re training for a marathon? Maybe you commute by bike to work and want to be sure you’re eating well? Maybe you have thought about training for a race, and want to be sure you’re ready with a nutrition plan? You’re welcome!

Joanna’s focus is food-based fueling. She will have information for vegan and vegetarian athletes!


Here is the Eventbrite page where you can get tickets. Here is the Facebook event should you want to engage with the hosts.

This will be January 21, 2017, from 5-6:30 PM. Please bring a chair or yoga mat to sit on!

Thank you to Firth & Wilson for being a supportive sponsor and host to this!


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